Thursday, 23 July 2015

I've been super lazy with anything blog related and haven't gotten around to editing all my photos I've been meaning to upload.. but thankfully enough, someone was heh heh. So in the meantime, here are the snaps he took whilst testing out his brothers film camera. The Wedding Cake Rock in Bundeena will always have a special place in my heart, not just because of the scenic tranquil view, but even the hour walk there itself. Maybe also, the little picnic we had amongst the hustle of tourists.. jugging down a litre of apple juice without any cups.. I think we might have looked like we were somewhat recovering from a hangover aahaha; note: can't forget the cups next time.
Anyways.. I know I've been bad at posting lately but I hope to get some things lined up that I'm excited to show you all.. keep your eyes peeled (for a little longer)! Hope you're all enjoying the rest of your holidays to the fullest!! G1 x.

Ps. here's a mini playlist I've compiled so far for the winter chills. Enjoy!


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Top: Mama's Buoi, Surry Hills
Bottom: Champagne Room @ The Winery, Surry Hills
Left: The Incinerator, Surry Hills
Right: Edition Coffee Roasters, Darlinghurst
The Tuckshop, Glenhaven
RAW Artists Exhibition ft Mishmallow / Vivid at University of Sydney
Top: Jihee and Adam's Engagement Party at The Passage, Potts Point
Bottom: Bowery Lane, CBD

I know I'm always on about going MIA.. once every month.. but we're back, at least for now. I guess I'll just seal the promise with a post. This year was only my dads second time here when I was actually here. So having him here, you could imagine my pent-up excitement for the week. After a whirlwind of a week constantly eating, running around completing errands, playing tennis, working.. I didn't emotional prep for the last few hours with him.... sigh. Oh, and the dramatic hair change of red hues stemmed off dads suggestion.. (crazy right?) surprise!

Anyways, I've got so much to share in the next few weeks, with a few more mini-trips to boot. I've gotten on the Snap train, so if you're on there and want to follow, find me at 'jiwonsgone'! Hope you're all enjoying the week - keep your eyes peeled for a mini-hike, g.n.o post coming soon x 
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