Thursday, 22 January 2015

안녕안녕! Before I proceed with what is probably my longest travel post(s) ever, I want to thank everyone (you know who you are!) who made this trip to Korea so, so memorable with an overflow of food, laughter and more food. You might notice, I've been uploading (a lot more than usual) photos on the Insta - I had a ton of fun! Hope you guys enjoy the photos. Also, wishing you all a very belated Happy New Year! May your year be filled with many moments of happiness and laughter. 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Narita to Incheon: Due to time constraints between airport buses and my early flight, I didn't catch much sleep (or at all, actually) the night prior to my flight; so the time in between felt like a complete blur. But..
..First morning in, I woke up ridiculously early and spent a good portion of the morning having special bonding time with my grandparents. Having easy access to Hongdae, while staying in Incheon for the first week was such a treat. Being able to know where, what and how to get to places (with a bit of help from tourist maps and Naver map) after not visiting Korea for six years was something I thought my mother would be proud of.
Stylenanda Flagship Store / Falafel Salad at Jack's Bean in Hongdae
Namsan Tower / Dinner at Myungdong Gyoza with Teef and co.
As the weekend began, so did the chills - frozen hands + feet + crazy winds (felt like I was the only one of the group much more cold blooded?!). After a quick dinner, we got ready for aforementioned cold breezes up at N Seoul Tower, located at the top of Namsan some ten-fifteen minutes away from the bottom via bus. On the itinerary: taking photos, love-locking, cable-car'ing and more photos. Not on the itinerary: frozen face, hands and feet..

Äland Shopping / Dinner at Chicago Pizza in Hongdae (salad was the bomb)

Fourth day in: Anna and I had a five-hour eye-shopping spree before resuming with dinner. It's always so refreshing catching up with old friends and getting to eat at places a tourist would otherwise never have thought of trying. Anyway, we went to Chicago Pizza in Hongdae: a fusion American restaurant (it was pretty hard to finish everything but DEE-LISH, to say the least! Especially that salad). Seated in a cozy and evenly lit dining area with the above: THE pizza, and chicken breast salad with tahini dressing and a medley of cos lettuce, shaven cabbage, corn and carrot - yum. It was an awesome experience getting to try something Western, and just enjoying our conversation over good, good food.

Trickeye Museum / Ice Museum in Hongdae 

Trickeye Museum: I've been wanting to go to this place for for-ev-er, and I finally got the chance! Even better, I got to reunite with Teef that week and meet her hilarious friends (don't ever be afraid to make new friends while you're overseas)!

Famille Station / Gida Sushi in Hongdae

Second week in: Reuniting with primary school friends.. and Japanese food! So my favourite cuisine is Japanese because of the flavours, the simplicity, and the craft in general. Needless to say, I am SO smitten with this gem that I found. Gida Sushi is well-known for their "longer-sashimi-than-rice-sushi" and is served as a set - it was a chilly night so my friend and I ordered it with a side of piping hot udon broth. It, was, glorious.

Well, that was probably the most annoyingly long photo diary to date, but there it is (get ready for more..!). I'm not used to writing so much on my posts but I hope you enjoyed the more in-depth photo diaries, as much as I enjoyed reminiscing over what I did throughout my first two weeks. Feel free to ask me questions via ask.fm for any recommendations on anything you see above or even my previous post here - Tokyo post! See you v soon, G1 x.
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