Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bits and bobs of my second week staying near Jamsil in Seoul..  It's been a little over a week since my trip to Korea and I sincerely miss its cold air, cafe hopping and kimbap. I had yet another packed week but there are definitely more pictures to come. I'm afraid I'll just drown the post(s) in food porn though - I literally ate my way through Seoul..
Kim Seon Saeng Kimbap / Famille Station in Bus Terminal with Teef and Yoo Seung
Kakao Brand Pop-up Store at Coex with Aaron
Fish-shaped bread with red bean (bungeoppang) along streets of Wangsimli
O Sulloc (Jeju Green Tea Café) in Hongdae
Ginseng Chicken soup (Samgyetang) at Tosok Chon near Gyeongbokgung Palace
Cheonggyecheon Stream with VivLael and MK
Top: Drinking Smoothie King (green tea, hands down) while others have strawberry shaved-ice at Sulbing in Shinchon
Bottom: Korean BBQ at 'Good Pig' / Chakhan dweji in Shinchon
Christmas Party 2014 with #ouhmyseoul / LA Gimbap and Jenny's Budae Jjigae
Family dinner at Covent Garden in Jamsil
Chickalicious in Hongdae with Yejin and Albert / High school reunion (Jihye, AnnaJiyong, Heesung) + Sydneysiders in Hongdae

Picture intensive. Whew. I'm settling back at home now, but looking back at photos are making Korean withdrawals so real right now. Although, it's strangely nice to be back in Sydney (besides the heat and random thunderstorms rn..). While I love Seoul for its constant energy, it's calming to be in Sydney and to be able to hear your own thoughts. Regardless of feeling totally exhausted, Seoul was (and is) electrifying- the buzz of the crowds upon entering shopping districts or zipping through the streets to hail a cab or to find the appropriate subway in order to make it to meet-up locations; meeting tons of old friends; the late-nights out and one too many yummy foods, and so forth. 

I got to reunite with street food and more street food, viewing Seoul's breathtaking palace, stomping on fresh snow, strolling across ice cold streams, the Myungdong Shopping District, people watching, retreating to random places to escape the wind, making long excursions across the streets of Hongdae for green tea, Smoothie King and mini carrot cupcakes... surprise surprise.

And.. right now, I'm trudging through the last of the photos that I've been dodging to edit for the past few days... So hopefully I'll have the next travel post up in no time! I have one (or two) more Korea photo sets waiting, so stay posted! G1 x.
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