Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Korean Charcoal BBQ
B1 doing her thang
High1 Ski Resort / Hank

Last month as soon as Aileen and the Kim family landed in Korea, I greeted them at the airport with my iPhone flashing their names (fail..). Anyways, they took me to the High 1 Ski Resort at Jeongseon, Gangwon Provence, and I guess I can now check off snowboarding from my list of to-dos, hehe. (Thanks to Hannah and Sarah who coached me like crazy so I could board down the mountain!) I'd planned to pack last year with a ton of things I'd never done before but never did I think that I would be stomping and gliding through white snow with little kids snowboarding down to my left and right. Nor did I think I'd be experiencing such fun with my twin Aileen, or ascending and descending the gondolas of High 1 Ski Resort with wind coming from all directions - not so fun, ha.

During our stay at the hotel, the views of fresh snow pouring right outside on the first morning and of expansive snow top the mountain were breathtaking to put it simply. And not to mention, we were fortunate to have experienced traditional Korean Charcoal BBQ after our first full day at the snow. Thank you so much to the Kim family for the unforgettable experiences (and their friends, the Paek family)!
As I left the ski resort a day early, I met up with Jihye the following day in which we experienced a number of delectable dishes and desserts while exploring the Garusogil streets of Apgujeong. Our highlights were: the long awaited Açai bowl at BOTO ACAI Café, Shaved Ice (aka Bingsoo) at Add Bing, visiting Cheap Monday, Vintage Hollywood and APC, and stuffing our bellies with more good food. That night I got to meet up with some Brisbane-siders, getting down at Itaewon and Apgujeong; and oh the memories we made. Photo below: the recovery..
Top: Carrot cake lunch? with Yejin and Chobee at Hackney in Itaewon
Bottom: Dinner date with Mies Container Restaurant in Gangnam (Spaghetti Salad and Sweet potato Spoon Pizza)

Take-away brunch from Queen's Bagel and shopping with Anna at Ewha Girls University

Brunch with Solbi at Café Mamas in Garusogil, Sinsa / Dinner with Yejin at Trian in Garusogil, Sinsa (best fusion restaurant by far)

I don't feel like going through hundreds of photos with every detail on what I did (and I'm sure that would bore you)... so here's a prequel to the rest of my photo diary (all in order) and pretty much the summation of my trip: lots of talk, lots of shopping, lots of food, lots of walking, and lots of laughter. Oh and unpredictably, lots of wind. As I've been saying, I loved every bit of it - the people, the food, the city hustle and bustle. 
Lunch at Passion5 in Itaewon / Lotte World in Jamsil with Yejin and Chobee
And this, my lovelies, is the last large batch of my Seoul photos. So, Winter in Australia? Yeah, totally nonexistent. Winter in Korea easily makes winter in Australia feel like a hot summer day. I started to regret some of the things I brought with me when I was there.. and that I was born with the inability to conserve energy and warmth, causing me to layer up with three shirts, three coats, two leggings, two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves, a hat, and boots... totally making me feel like a immobile marshmallow. Not cute nor cool, lol. And to think I wanted to take less..

Last outfit - I'm wearing an Armani Exchange jacket, denim jacket and skirt from Äland, collared-blouse from Sportsgirl, chocker necklace from Vintage Hollywood, and Keds lace-up sneakers. Might I add, this denim jacket was the thinnest coat I bought.. because I didn't want to buy anything too thick with the sunny weather here in Australia; the struggle was v real. 

But of course the last few days in Seoul comprised of numerous trips to various fusion dinner parlours, brunch spots, coffee shops, and a whole lotta other random stuff. Thanks Seoul - you were a blast. I can't wait until the next time I visit.. I miss it greatly, but I know I'll revisit it in the near future. G1, x.
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