Friday, 16 January 2015

こんにちは! Just yesterday I got back from a month long trip to Japan and Korea - not for anything in particular, but because I hadn't been to Japan before and hadn't visited the motherland for myself in a very long time.

I was excited to check out Tokyo for the first time, since I'd heard so many good things about the lively city. A few days in Tokyo - finding new good eats, traveling through the city and sitting at coffee shops with no agenda, and most importantly just documenting photos in the moment for the sake of exercising pure interest - set me right, although I did travel alone. Every single picture in this post is from my iPhone and some are actually already posted on my Instagram account. But looking back at these photos I get a sense of fulfilment so I thought I'd share them after all in hopes that they'll bring others the same feeling.
First meal of the day: late breakfast /early lunchSince I arrived pretty early in the morning, I left my luggage at the place I was staying at for the next few days and set out to explore. I decided to find the nearest place to eat, and out of pure luck I walked into a small restaurant with what I had always wanted to try. To be honest, I did not know what I was in for.. I didn't even know how to order (my first machine order experience), but as soon as my dish came out - I was sold.
First stop, Meiji Jingu Shrine in Harajuku.
The famous Gindaco - best Takoyaki ever omg.
The famous Marion Crepes aka Harajuku crepes / first day purchases - lonely tourist? get yourself a selfie stick.

Since I had quite a few snacks after the first meal, I decided to call it a day! Checked into Nishishinjuku Inn situated close to Central Shinjuku, got ready for the next day and headed straight to bed.
T: Nishi Shinjuku - Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observation Deck
B: Minato-ku - Tokyo Tower + Tokyo Banana souvenir snacks
Started my morning with sceneries of Tokyo. Moving on - long story short, the best sushi experience I've had thus far. Wow. I had the chef's recommendation set and each and every piece of the 9 serving was phenomenal and mind-blowing. The tuna, squid, raw shrimp, sea eel, yellowtail, fish roe filled rolled sushi and egg omelet.. all to die for! Even the sea urchin was out of this world and I'm usually not such a fan of uni. Not only was the sushi delicious but the (Instafamous) chef was entertaining and so warm hearted. I LOVE sushi and lean towards it often when I dine out, but I haven't felt motivated to eat sushi anywhere else after having Daiwa Sushi at the Tsukiji Market. Definitely giving this spot another go whenever I return to Tokyo.
Ginza - Quick stop at Deliciés in the Shopping District
90 minute wait for dinner at Maisen Tonkatsu, Shibuya with Sydneysiders / Famous Hachiko dog statue at Shibuya Station

So after a long day of constant travelling and sightseeing, I took a quick stop at Starbucks in front of the famous Shibuya crossing. While of course, using the wifi and posting a photo on Instagram a Sydney friend messaged me saying she was in the same location! So out of much coincidence, I was able to take them to dinner and take sticker photos - which scarred us for life because of the photoshop intensity, it literally changed each and every one of us; head to toe. Anyhow, I wasn't a lonely tourist for the night!
Omotesando Koffee in Harajuku (It was such a pleasure meeting you Junko and Daniel!)
Aoyama Flower Market Tea House in Minato-ku
Late lunch / early dinner at Midori Sushi in the Mark City building next to Shibuya Station / Tokyu Food Show
Since I was only there for four days, I wanted to fit in as much as I could. Hence, you can tell I went from different location to location each day. These are pretty much all of the places I wanted to go to; places I Instagram searched, and Googled - without having to follow a tour guide. All the captioned photos are places I definitely recommend you visit if you're ever in Tokyo, Japan!

Thanks Tokyo, for giving me such an amazing experience. See you again, G1 x.
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