Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sunday getaway to the Boathouse in Palm Beach + Whales Beach

Ah, kind of went MIA for a bit here! Sorry 'bout that. Last week was spent in Brisbane for a spontaneous Valentine's week surprise for the father (shall I mention, golf was chosen over Jiwon.. haha), and the days after the trip I went on a getaway camp to Wiseman's FerryIt's a weird feeling to have missed home this much, but it ought to be a good thing to appreciate the familiar things. I would've loved the longer stay back home in Brisbane, but back in Sydney and back in hermit form now. I've got a load of pictures of Brisbane though, and I can't wait to share some of the photos from my trip.

Before I proceed with another long photo post, I just want to thank all my Brisbane friends who made this trip all the more memorable and cheerful. I have been so fortunate to have all of you - all the care and love you flood me with is indelible within.
First brunch back in Brisbane at Campos Coffee with Adrii, Sam and Michelle
Dinner at Red Hook (J: Falafel salad; A, S, M: $12 Chicken wings, Mac&Cheese crisp balls, french fries)
Top: Raw Juicery vegan salads and the 'green juice'
Bottom left: BSKT Paleo Veganola; right: Justina's Navajo Native Breakfast
Dinner and drinks at Embassy Bar (Clockwise: Sweet Potato Fries, Chilli Cheese Fries, House Rolled Fettuccine, Grilled Lamb Salad, Slow cooked Pork Cheek)
Passiontree's New Pineapple Bingsoo/Shaved Ice
Sakura Japanese Restaurant with the family
Morning Doughnut Time in Fortitude Valley
Spontaneous brunch at Grocer and Grind with Aileen and Sam
(J: Super Green Brekky Salad + Easy Green Juice, A: G&G Vege Stack, 'Morning Glory' Juice, Raw Vegan Carrot Cake; S: Banana Protein Pancakes + Raw Protein Shake)
Top: Harney & Son's Genmaicha Green tea at Passiontree Velvet
Bottom: New Garden City Vapiano's with Teef & co. / Pesto Basilico Spelt Fusilli Pasta (V/GF) 
Gramercy Coffee in Wintergarden with Grace / Bircher Muesli and Avo on Sourdough
Top: Michelle's 21st Surprise Birthday Party (in order of the several hours waiting for the Miss)
Bottom - L: Raw Juicery 'Immunity Juice'; R: Being big kids (I swear people gave me the weird look on the flight back..)
Quite a lot of shots from my short Brisbane trip... surprise surprise, comprised of numerous trips to various brunch spots, Passiontree, coffee shops, local bars, and other random things you can possibly do in Brisbane.

I didn't really mean to go MIA but it got increasingly hard to connect to the web after Brisbane. It's probably a good thing because disconnecting really allowed me to soak in the new environment. Plus, change of scenery is good - no? Brisbane and Wiseman's Ferry were all amazing, for the lack of a better word.

Drive from Sydney to Wisemans Ferry

Lately I've been feeling exceptionally exhausted but at the end of the day, I am feeling ridiculously blessed. Especially after this camp, it's opened my eyes to explore the things I haven't seen of this world. .."Dream on, dreamer."

P.S. I'm going to try incorporate songs on my blog and add a playlist to the right of this section. Aiming for a weekly rotation on what I'm listening to on Soundcloud and 8tracksHope you guys enjoy!
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