Tuesday, 12 May 2015

My weekends are usually dedicated to three things: brunch, wine and sun. Now, I'm back on here and I wanted to share with you a chunk of what I've been up to for the past month and a half. Most I haven't posted and some I might've posted somewhere on the web.. but here goes!
Museum of Contemporary Art and Angus & Julia-Stone with Anita
Levis denim midi dress, Daniel Wellington watch, Comme Des Garçons pouch, Adidas skate highs
Top: Cuckoo Callay / Homemade honey pumpkin soba
Bottom: Buttermelt Cafe / The Choc Pot
Stand-up paddling in Bundeena
Gnome cafe in Surry Hills
1 - Passiontree Velvet finally in Sydney!! / 2 - Tim Ho Wan in Chatswood Interchange / 3 - New seasonal basics
Newly opened Passiontree Velvet in Macquarie Centre / thank you for organising such an amazing high-tea x
Mama's Buoi in Surry Hills
Sam Smith Concert at Hordern Pavilion
Brunch at the Incinerator with Mishmallow Bae (maybe we'll go back to try these eeheh)
Zeus Street Greek in Drummoyne
Belly Bao and Azoto Nitrogen Icecream (Nippon Green) in CBD
I really thank postman's for their job but when this happens..
Thank you so much to Mayver's for sending the goods and taking care of the fragile damage!
made my first homemade vegan pumpkin soup!
girls night in with Michelle
KIN BY US with Aileen and Michelle x 2

Janice's (Jayesslee) little boy Shane aww!

The Missing Piece inside Macquarie Centre opposite Uniqlo
Sorry for the lack of updates, it's felt like forever since I've last updated! I guess sometimes you just get overwhelmed with the "everyday-ness" of life.. and this "everyday-ness" is marked by essays, midterms, work, more work, getting sick, sleep deprivation, physical and emotional fatigue, etc. Thank goodness for weekends.

It's already that time of the year again... cleaned up my phone and scoured through some lost photos from the past few months (can you believe it's already half way through the year!?). I had meant to update this page a few days ago but last weekend was occupied with spending quality time with the best friend Aileen; a much. needed. catch. up.

I hope you all spoilt your mumma's this Mother's Day! Happy Fridayy - I hope you all enjoy your weekend, G1 x.
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