Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Day One to Four.
After celebrating the family reunion over drinks on the weekend, we started the new week by taking dad lunching in the outskirts of Alexandria. We opted for some drool-worthy food whilst surrounded by the aesthetically colourful (mostly pink) fit-out of Bread & Circus. Next few days were spent exploring, catching up and eating delicacies of seafood and all sorts. In celebration, we opened the bottle of white wine I first purchased at Hunter Valley last year as soon as I turned eighteen. 
THE WINERY [✮✮✮✮✮]
Day Five to Seven.
I've always had places I wanted to visit and take my dad, so lunching at Three Williams was validated after all the rant and photos I've seen on Instagram for the past months. To enjoy the last of it, we ordered a flavoursome bottle of white at bills, then bottles at The Winery. We were all too immersed into conversation so the time between getting from cafe to cafe felt like a complete blur; we didn't realise the sun set.

There's something special about the relationship between my dad and I that he is conducive to my happiness more than anything - maybe it's the fact that there seems to be a constant growing grateful heart to his existence and love, maybe it's because I can find pockets of inspiration and laughter with nearly every hour in each day whenever he's there. Pappa was and continues to be a huge source of inspiration for me - the love, the care, the joy, the overall energy - so I've really wished that he would come live with his daughters once again. There seems to be a revived energy particularly with him around, and I couldn't be more happy about living here with my whole family again.
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