Saturday, 26 July 2014

If you are interested in creative people, then you should pay attention to this post. This is a post dedicated to the all-rounder artist Jaymee Kim, a friend, a stunner and a lovely Korean girl who will leave you open-mouthed! She is currently studying Design in Visual Communication, under the social title of 'ohsolbi' (you can find her here). From collages, personal manifestos and reflective words of encouragement through her artworks, Jaymee is always full of inspiring surprises!

"My deepest of thoughts are translated into witty metaphors and puns. This can bee seen in my minimal designs with subtle pops of colour."

You'll agree, her work speaks for itself! Some of you may recognise that the portrait above is an art form of me from the picture on the side bar. This and the other amazing art pieces shown below are all by my gifted friend, Jaymee Kim. I wanted to acknowledge Jaymee for her talent and spending her precious time to customise a personalised header for my blog. I have been very lucky to have received something so special, let alone have such a beautiful friend. I want to thank Jaymee so much for this exceptional artwork and the special friendship she has so dearly given me x
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