Tuesday, 19 August 2014

I thought it would be fitting to post something about my weekend since I celebrated my last teen days. It turns out, I don't have as many pictures (of the food set up or with the face props) to post as I'd like, but hopefully I can prep something like this again sometime down the track.

As I geared up to kiss my teens goodbye, I spent a lot of time reflecting on who I’ve become, where I’ve been and who I want to be. While pondering one chilly day a few weeks back, tears began rolling down my cheeks as I realised that I've come along way, even though I know I still have a looong way to go. I wasn’t thinking about the past with regret, the present with resentment or the future without anything but excitement.
Energised by this epiphany, I was inspired to embrace turning nineteen with a real celebration – the first birthday party I’ve had since moving to a different state, actually, ever since my kid years. I invited my closest Sydney friends, just a group of girls, for a rooftop afternoon party that was just as much a thank you to them for caring and loving me whilst settling into this city.

In effort to make the party feel whimsical but relaxed, I set up one small table topped with home-made iced tea, champagne, Moscato, sparkling, mixed and matched coloured bowls and straws, and one tall canap√© stacked with raw vegan eats, crackers with toppings and other desserts made by some of the girls.
Ready to host in a backless jumpsuit and a sleeveless fury, the night began. Despite the weather turning on us, it started with a tea and Moscato hour and was followed by snacks made by yours truly. Some of us headed to The Baxter Inn after to meet up with other friends to enjoy a night out. The Baxter Inn, a basement-level hooch is all about wine’n’whisky’n’beer. You'll find yourself staring at a wall cellar featuring a collection of all sorts - it's incredibly appealing, I wish I owned the whole collection.

The night was incredible, one of the most memorable of my life, and the watermelon cake just topped it off (thanks to Jihee and Lucas!) A massive thank you to Aileen and Josh who sent me the most meaningful charms all the way from my home state!!

So, bye bye eighteen and cheers to that!
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