Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I've been tagged to do a 20 facts about me on Instagram by Emily, Sarah, Teef and Aileen so I thought that I'd post them up on here as well since it was time I update this blog. Go check out my Instagram to see if I've tagged you!

1. You've probably guessed already but I don't have a separate English name nor a middle name. I always challenge my friends to think of one - Ava or Amia are the only two I would actually consider. 
2. I was born much later than expected so my mum went through 24hr+ labour and so I was a very heavy baby... I feel so much guilt every time a family member mentions it.
3. I am a lover of breakfast/brunch. I find it very hard to function without a daily intake of yoghurt and fruit. 
4. I am taller than a lot of my friends besides Aileen (175cm), and people always tell me I'm still growing...
5. I would have been a Sydney born and raised child but my mum fell in love with the Gold Coast when they visited. Queenslander!
6. Some people doubt that I know any Korean but I'm fluent in speaking, writing and listening.
7. I did attend Korean literacy school but dropped out as soon as I cracked open my forehead after face planting it into a solid rock whilst playing hide-and-seek. You can still see the evidence of stitches. 
8. Thus, most of it was learnt from watching Korean TV shows (X-Men!) when I was seven years old. 
9. My mum was a swimming trainer - so I used to train in swimming, alongside ballet and playing the violin. 
10. I chose to continue with just dancing and ended up being my dream career. 
11. I have never sat an OP or HSC test because I dropped school to study dance full-time. 
12. I still made it to Uni and going strong with my passion for dance. 
13. I have had a 1cm rare bone surgically removed from my ankle because it irritated my dancing. 
14. I've always dreamt about going to Japan, and bragged my dad ever since I knew it existed. That wish is finally coming true this year. My dad believes it's good to travel independently so I plan to travel the world.
15. I have always wanted a second piercing but my dad refuses and despises the idea. He couldn't even watch me get my first pair done. 
16. Because I live away from my dad, I call him at least once every single day. He is the person I can tell absolutely anything to - I could sacrifice anything for his precious soul. 
17. I received my first Silky Terrier puppy on my tenth birthday and named it PD (abbreviated from a Korean name 'pok-donggi' which means 'pot luck' haha!) but had to give it away because my cousin didn't like dogs.
18. I could have been one-eyed right now. I nearly scrapped my eye out from a broken glass table corner when I was a crawler. 
19. I haven't eaten a piece of McDonalds since 2010 - and plan to keep it that way.
20. I met my twin best friend Aileen at a formal only two years ago - people assume she's Korean and sometimes even ask if I'm Chinese. Vice versa people. 
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