Tuesday, 7 October 2014

gifts at Passion Tree Velvet! Tried half a macaron, then dad and brother-in-law demolished them..

Finally trying brunch at Shouk Cafe with B1 (best service)!

Granola with Coyo / Raw zucchini pasta /  LA Bagel at Raw Paw Paw Cafe

Top: The Ark (bird 
  fish   cow) Bottom: Lemon Tart / Popcorn Brûlée / 'Cherry Ripe' at Rogue Bar Bistro

Quinoa rice pudding with rice milk at The Roastery Cafe (Rouge Coffee)
We all love you for who you are Sam.

Ubud / Boom Boom Pow Smoothie + Raw berry cheezecake / mango-agave-coconut slice at Orawgi

Veggie Stack + 'Morning Glory' (orange, ginger and carrot) cold-pressed juice at Grocer and Grind!

Pancakes and the Brekkie Roll at Rogue Bar Bistro

Happy First Birthday Roy!! (brother-in-law's nephew)
When I took this last minute trip to Brisbane, I wasn't expecting much out of it, to be completely honest. But of course a few days in Brisbane - a return to finding new good eats, traveling through the city and sitting at cafes with no particular agenda, and most importantly just documenting photos in the moment for the sake of exercising pure interest - did the trick and set me right. As mentioned in my earlier post, when I want to travel/escape, I'm oddly drawn to more bustling cities, which are probably not the first to come to mind as 'escape' destinations for many others. But now, I get it - I totally get it. Four days away from home and I am missing it sorely. I don't think I've ever compiled this many photos into one post - but here goes. 

Spending so much quality time and cherishing each moment with family and friends of much conviviality, being able to bond with the Brisbane party - over food of course, and the overall tranquil feels was unforgettable. A few pictures (where at The Roastery Cafe) in this post were taken with Ben's DSLR and besides that, the rest are from my iPhone which I happily managed to capture. Looking back at these photos I get a sense of fulfilment so I thought I'd share them after all in hopes that they'll bring others the same feeling. Check out my Instagram to see a regular feed of my present and past weekly grind or throw me a question on ask.fm!

Anyways, in regards to packing - being mindful that I would only be there for less than a week, travelling light was the key; minimising any unnecessary or heavy clothing. Thus, I tried my best to mix and match - making transitioning from day to night outfits much easier. 

During the week I got to take papa to the movies, visit the Gold Coast and hang around with the family - this was probably my favourite part of the trip. Broadbeach reminded me a lot of the childhood memories and of parts of when I lived there. Cafes like Grocer and Grind with open windows welcoming the beach breeze and raw/organic food compilations gathered in corners - every bit of GG offered inspiration. To top it all off, the previous night was pleasantly spent drinking wine, and enjoying the winning of South Korean men's soccer team at the Incheon Asian Games. 

Thank you Brisbane (to you - Papa Han, Jihee, JTAileen, Sam, Benjamin, Srh, Adrii, Sandra, Salina, Henry, Michelle, Rina + Aaron, Verall and Jackson) for such a charming visit! Thanks for the great memories, till next time... x.

p.s. I hope you all make sure to nourish your body with nothing but good nutrients (and happiness)! Stay away from this awful viral disease/flu and barking like this sick one. Poor Jihee is looking after little baby Leon and big baby Jiwon ever since we got back.. ily g.

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