Saturday, 15 November 2014

Thanks to Moccona Coffee for sending me a box full of coffee and gifts!
Hey there. Whoops, didn't mean to fall off the face of the earth... but I needed a couple of weeks to collect some thoughts and catch up with all things uni related. No doubt, finishing my final semester was rather exciting, but knowing that you're just a step away from graduating - you become lost in your own thoughts about the future and the big bad world. But I'm back on here and I wanted to share what I've been up to over the past couple of weeks.

So happy to share some photos with you all after finally sorting them out. Here's some photos from brunches, markets, the circus and gala performance. Speaking of which, over the couple of months I had a great opportunity to work with a selected amount of dancers to present a contemporary piece for Macquarie University's 50th Anniversary Gala Show. I tell ya, it was one crazy day/night trying to look well-suited and perfectly normal in front of the Governor and The Wiggles after sweating on stage..! Nevertheless, it was an event that will remain as one of the most memorable and honourable.

Even in the midst of all things, I've managed to spend time with friends - over food yes (do you see that seared salmon sushi? hands down, the best). While also, enjoying my own adventures here and there. I'll be sure to list you the dining places seen in the images above - besides anything about the Sydney Night Noodle Markets as I didn't get to try anything. 

Hope you guys somewhat enjoyed the photos! So sorry for the random contents of this post.. that's briefly what I've been up to! Anyways, congratulations to those who have finished another year of uni/school! Good luck to those who are nearly done! I hope you are all enjoying your holidays so far and surviving this Australian heat wave - stay hydrated! Anyone planning on going overseas in the next few months? Away from this heat? x.

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