Thursday, 4 December 2014

Warning: food overload
First attempt at Raw Zucchini Noodles!

Happy Friday! The past five days surprisingly seemed like the shortest week of the year. Now looking forward to the next month and a half. (Can you guess where I'm heading?)

Summer just broke through last week and it’s making me want to stay indoors with the A/C or in the pool. So I do apologise if this post seems to be just of food.. I did go MIA for a quick bit, only because.. the heat has officially gotten to me and I don't quite feel like doing anything but lying in a full blown A/C room with frozen fruit. Still trying to stay "cool" when out and about - with light colour tops, skirts I've been wearing consistently for weeks (I never used to be a skirt type of girl...), and usually my Soludos slippers I always gravitate towards. 

Really wanting to experience winter weather but I also hope to bring at least a little bit of Australian sun with me... (hint hint!) Hoping to update you guys very soon!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! Cheers to the holidays! G1 x

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